Employment discrimination

Employment discrimination on the basis of race, gender, pregnancy, sexual orientation, national origin or ethnicity, religion, age, and disability. 

Age discrimination.  Although the majority of discrimination cases have involved race and gender discrimination, age discrimination cases are increasing in number as the so-called Boomer generation reaches retirement age.  Age discrimination sometimes takes place, for example, when an employer terminates an older employee under the guise of a reduction in force, generally considered a lawful and rational business decision.  Age discrimination also may occur under the guise of a poor performance evaluation when a supervisor suddenly gives an older employee who has a history of good or excellent job performance evaluations a series of negative evaluations, followed by warnings and termination.

Disability discrimination often goes together with age discrimination.  Disability discrimination may occur, for example, when an employee requests family medical leave or an accommodation upon returning to work from a medical leave.  If an employer denies the employee's request for leave or an accommodation and the employee files a complaint regarding the denial, the work environment may become hostile and lead either to the employee's resignation or termination.

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